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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rob_todd1 9 / 10

Is it art, if it gets a reaction?

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by nelleke-97387 9 / 10

Two hours of psychopaths is too much

This is my first review, I strongly felt that I have to give my opinion about this movie. Especially because of some bad reviews below which I don't agree. You know Brimstone is a cruel film and anti women. It takes place in a time when women means very little towards men. So if you don't like this, you should not see this movie. The movie is divided in 4 periods in time. After each period you know more about the characters. Every period contains a lot of violence and is most of the time very anguished. The actors are really great, especially Pearce and Fanning, and how the movie is filmed is also special. For example the angles from above.There is a lot of violence in the movie and I really could not see some scenes but it is a movie where you think about for a long time. Really impressive, I only know a few movies that give you this strange feeling after the movie. You have different emotions. Even though the movie is a bit slow this is not disturbing. I didn't see the movie as a real western, especially because of the role of women in this movie. Sorry for my English because I am Dutch. I am a woman of 45 Years. I recommend this movie to everybody who can see a mix of violence and religion especially towards women.

Reviewed by jungerhanson 9 / 10

B movie pretending to be art-house...

The thing about this movie is that it's quite a long movie and after a while you really start to notice it. My biggest issue with long movies, over two hours, is that I start to wander off if its not really exciting, and I definitely did watching this movie. The story line isn't that good and unique to keep you hooked and there is to much difference in acting (performance wise). Some actors play there roles better than others and by the way this movie is constructed it leads to a kinda bumpy ride. Different chapters in this movie don't continue smoothly and that contributes to the feeling of a long sit. On top of that there are some scenes that don't seem to be necessary to create a good story and only make the movie feel even longer. Don't get me wrong, this movie isn't horrible, parts of this movie are really good, and although there are some really bad parts it still tells you a nice story. Its just the noticeable long sit that makes this movie not stand out from the rest and sometimes a bit boring.

Reviewed by joriskoning1995 9 / 10

I wouldn't stop you from seeing it, but there are definitely better movies in theater right now.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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