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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by don544 9 / 10

Not worth watching at all

Not much worse to a film fan than shelling out $12 dollars to go see a decent actor waste his skills on low information trash like this. I know that the same class of stoners who think Adam Sandler's latest outing in The Ridiculous 6 is funny will also find this disgusting waste of screen time funny. I for one do not and as I write this I long for IMDb to do the right thing and enable a zero rating for movies as that is the true first number and this is another in a long series of Hollywood efforts that deserves that true first number the zero. To say that Robert De Niro has sunk to this low in cinema just to increase his bank account by what ever amount they paid him is a shame, as he certainly could not have taken on this schlock in order to increase his range of acting expression. He could have simply hit his thumb with a hammer and the resulting dialog would not have been any worse, perhaps it would have been better. As he did not do so we will never know.

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 9 / 10

Know what you're getting into and you can have fun with Dirty Grandpa.

Once the credits started rolling for Dirty Grandpa, the only thing I could say was, "Oh my god." It was shocking. From beginning to end the movie is shock humor, gross-out humor, crass, offensive, childish and stupid. But you know what? I laughed a lot. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't entertained throughout most of this movie. Sure, it follows a lot of road trip movie tropes and the perfunctory fight/make-up conflict near the end, but one thing about Dirty Grandpa is that it's consistent. Dirty joke after dirty joke; some of them hit, some of them miss, but they don't stop. Some of these things I never thought I'd hear come out of Robert De Niro's mouth, but the fact that it's him saying it makes it all the more funny. People will say this is a slap in the face to his legacy, but it really isn't. The Family was. Little Fockers was. This movie knows what it is - a lewd, politically incorrect road trip comedy, and it succeeds in that regard.What surprised me most about Dirty Grandpa is the chemistry between Zac Efron and Robert De Niro. They have a great comedic rapport that actually feels authentic, which helps the more insane scenes retain some semblance of realism (as thin as it may be). The rest of the cast is enjoyable too, especially Aubrey Plaza as the overtly slutty college girl who continuously surprised me with every grotesque statement uttered from her mouth. Oddly enough, De Niro feels right at home here. It's as if his character from Meet the Parents went off the deep end and decided to go on a spring break road trip with Zac Efron. Seriously, his character is ex-special forces and everything. Efron also proves once again that he's a comedic force to be reckoned with playing the straight corporate man put in awkward social situations.I don't know what people were expecting from Dirty Grandpa. Look at the title, look at the trailers. Are you really surprised? It was marketed as a gross-out comedy from day one, and guess what? It's gross. It's vile; it's degrading; it's shockingly inappropriate. Is it a good movie? Not a chance in hell. But the goal of a comedy is to make the viewer laugh, and Dirty Grandpa made me laugh. Hard.Now, if you don't like offensive humor, you should stay the hell away from this. Just know what you're getting into before seeing Dirty Grandpa and you can definitely have some fun watching it.

Reviewed by bob-the-movie-man 9 / 10

De Niro - what were you thinking?

Michael "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure" Caine has never been averse to starring in more than his fair share of turkeys. Talking about "Jaws: The Revenge" he once said "I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific!" One can only assume that Robert De Niro has a similar attitude for getting involved in this dross.For that is what it is. Directed by Dan Mazar ("I Give It A Year"), its a desperate attempt at a Spring Break-style ribald comedy that misses at virtually every level.De Niro plays Dick (an appropriate name) who after a lifetime of marriage and on the day after his wife's funeral asks his grandson Jason (Zac Efron) to join him on a road-trip to Florida, with the singular aim of getting laid by a fresher a quarter his age. (You can already tell that this is all in the best possible taste). Jason - an accountant - is due to be married in the following week to the prissy and controlling Meredith (Julianne Hough), against Dick's wishes. Needless to say with this paper-thin plot, (and given that America is obviously such a small place) he runs into an old (and naturally sexy and gorgeous) school friend Shadia (Zoey Deutch). With Dick applying a 'certain set of skills' from his previous work (hasn't this plot been worked before in a De Niro comedy?) he wreaks maximum havoc in Daytona Beach in trying to lead Jason astray. Will he succumb and find true love rather than fall into a marriage of boring expectation.What's there to like in this film? Well, there is some almost amusing sexual banter between de Niro and the nympho-like Lenore (Aubrey Plaza, and probably the best thing in the film). The great Danny Glover has a short cameo. The music used is well chosen(although the music editing seems extraordinarily inept). And if you are female (or male but gay) then the extended scenes of Efron's almost naked body might do something for you.But on the flip side, there are few groups that this film won't manage to offend. About 75% of the script is the F-word. It portrays extensive and casual hard-drug use. The film is offensive to gay people. Offensive to deaf people. Offensive to cancer patients. Offensive to black people. And deeply offensive to lovers of cinema.I have used enough words on this trash. Those UK readers who are old enough to remember the older style of film classification will remember that there was an 'A' rating. I would bring it back for this film, the 'A' standing for "Avoid". In fact, it was so offensive, the rating should be 'AA' for "Absolutely Avoid".I have a monthly cinema card, so I got to see this film for 'free'. I was significantly overcharged.(Please visit bob-the-movie-man.com for the graphical version of this review. Thanks.)

Reviewed by Thomas Drufke 9 / 10

Unbearably Offensive and Unfunny

Well, I won't ever get that hour and 45 minutes back of my life. Dirty Grandpa is the worst film so far of 2016 that I have seen and will likely end up in the bottom few films on my list for the entire year. Robert De Niro has done disservice yet again to an illustrious career in film, but I can't even call this piece of trash a film. It's poorly written and horribly offensive. I'll keep it short because there's no need to waste more time of my life thinking about this garbage film.The film stars De Niro and Zac Efron who play the grandpa and grandson respectively. Sadly the promising aspects the trailers had of them having a fun and raunchy dynamic are overpowered by insensitive jokes and incredibly stupid gags. There's every type of silly and lazy humor including overdone sex jokes, poop humor, clichéd dick jokes, and yes even fart humor that is horribly misplaced. I don't think I've ever see a film take aim at everyone from gay and lesbians to people with disabilities so insensitively. It's not even like its playful humor that can work within a story, its small one liners that feel completely forced and raise the hair on your skin for the wrong reasons. There is a scene in which Efron's character sings karaoke and of course I immediately thought of High School Musical series. I would have rather watched any of those 3 films four times in a row before watching another scene from Dirty Grandpa. Yes, it's that bad.Aside from all that, there is but one redeemable thing from this movie, that being Aubrey Plaza. Her strange and yes very awkward dynamic with De Niro, who is set on having sex with her, can be at times funny. But nothing from this film will make anyone laugh out loud. The plot is a jumbled mess that does nothing to further its characters or story. I can go on and on but the point being, don't go see this film. It's a waste of just under 2 hours which felt about 2 hours long.+Plaza...I guess?-Offensive humor-Why are there fart jokes?-Writing is all over the place-Unbearably awful1.5/10

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